Conference Agenda

Friday, April 12

Module 1 - The Emerging Progressive Coalition

  • Session A: The Biggest Umbrella

    • How have progressive campaigns balanced shifting base of support?

    • How do progressives appeal to both blue collar workers and higher-income suburbanites?

  • Session B: The Political Argument

    • Have progressives forgotten the importance of making an argument?

    • What formula holds together the progressive coalition and attack right-wing populism?

    • Why has the right-wing populists’ message worked?

Module 2 - Campaign Mechanics and Tactical Communication

  • Session C: Organizing Supporters

    • How do you communicate with your base and compel them to action?

    • What’s the latest and most effective software to do so?

  • Session D: Polling and surveys

    • What are the best practice strategies in the last few years?

    • What techniques have proved most effective at finding the “shy” populist supporter?

  • Session E: Digital targeting in the era of GDPR

    • How do you find and target base and persuadable voters?

    • What does GDPR allow you to do? What are the restrictions?

Saturday, April 13

Module 3 - Case studies

  • Session F: From the 2016 disaster to the 2018 Blue Wave

    • What did American operatives learn in these two critical years.

  • Session G: Closer Look: US state example

    • How the Democrats won.

  • Session H: Closer Look: Macron in France

    • How did Macron beat back the Front National?

  • Session G: The Italian Job.

    • What went so wrong in 2018?